Strip Clubs in Montreal

The Do and the Don’t

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Most Montreal Strip Clubs DO Offer FULL CONTACT, But be sure to ask not all clubs are the same and DON’T all have the exact same rules. Our best advice to you is DO contact the professionals to help you with making the right choices in strip clubs. There are a lot in Montreal that you DON’T want to end up in those ones.

A short list of some Do’s and Don’ts at Montreal Strip Clubs

Do: Take the money you are willing to spend in cash. So you can stick Within your set budget. Strip clubs often will end up costing you way more then you had initially expected it would cost.

Don’t: Use the club ATM or any kind of plastic, 1 you will have ridiculous ATM Fees every-time you pull money out or what’s even more insane are the fees if you want to pay with a credit card at the clubs they will charge you a extra 5%-15% charge to use your credit cards which just goes in their pockets.

Do: Bathe and wear clean clothes guys like personal high Jean is very important and just gross if you can’t get cleaned up when you’re going out on a boys night out for real. You should want to look your best and dressed to impress on your guys weekend trip in Montreal

Don’t: Drench yourself in cheap body spray like they do on TV ads in those stupid commercials. First you won’t hide your smell and even worse it will actually not even make you smell really even good no matter what the situation is and that’s why you should always wear a nice cologne and you don’t need a lot and it smells good and last long if you are not a smoker!

Do: Try to catch a dancer’s name when the DJ announces her. This way you can call her over by her name.

Don’t: Pay attention to everything the DJ says. Even probably more like anything the DJ says

Do: Politely say no thanks, when you don’t want a dance from a girl so you don’t waist her time, she will actually appreciate you telling her no right away, then her sitting down to talk with you for 10 minutes and then asking you if you want to go for a dance and then you say no thanks.

Do: Try to catch a dancer’s name when the DJ announces her. This way you can call her over by her name.

Don’t: Try to explain why you don’t want a dance. They honestly won’t care and will just move on to the next table of guys.

Do: Think with the big head more than with the little one guys.

Don’t: forget the best dances often don’t come from the best looking dancers.

Do: Always remember that you and she are there for two entirely different reasons – you’re there to have a good time but she’s there to work, it’s her job, and she deserves to be compensated for her time just like you are when you’re at work.

Don’t: Never forget that she’s not there looking to meet guys, she’s looking to make money. Some of you seem to somehow forget this one and I don’t know why.

Do: Try talking to her like she’s a regular girl you met at a bar (except you really know you’ll see some T&A!)

Don’t: Be intimidated. They are normal people just like everyone.

Do: Feel free to gawk and stare at the strippers on and offstage. That’s how you’ll spot the one you want.

Do: Try to catch a dancer’s name when the DJ announces her. This way you can call her over by her name.

Don’t: Gawk and stare while they’re giving a lap dance nearby. it’s just creepy and makes you look like you’re one of those guys just they’re for a drink and free peep show and girls hate those guys.

Do: Approach a girl you want a dance from, if that’s what it takes better getting the girl you want. Especially if you see she is in high demand she might not get the chance to make it to you and see if you want a dance.

Don’t: Approach her while she’s with another customer! That will definitely piss off her customer and most probably piss her off as well and then you can definitely forget about your chance in getting any dances from her.

Do: Enjoy yourself within the limits of the set by the club but also most important by your dancer and her own rules as well! Not all of the dancers work the same, some might have different rules from the other, they aren’t paid by the clubs to work. So they are freelancers and all work their own different ways.

Don’t: Engage in trying to kiss the dancers or any inappropriate touching… unless she clearly gives permission. Then Hey why not, she’s not saying no.

Do: Accept extras, if she brings it up and you want and can afford it.

Don’t: Ask for extras. It is not allowed in the clubs or supposed to be done with zero tolerance.

Do: except reasonably priced dances. Which will cost you $20 a lap dance.

Don’t: Accept any dance without first asking the price and maybe what her rules are.

Do: Get dances from a stripper with an open mind.

Don’t: French kiss a stripper with open cold sores.

Don’t: Show them you’re erection.

Do: Enjoy the moment and the entertainment.

Don’t: Fall prey to dancer con jobs telling you how much more you can get for x more dollars because she really likes you.

Do: Check your wallet and keys immediately after getting up after a lap dance.

Do: Dress in slacks.

Don’t: Dress in jeans if you’re going to get friction dances. Keep keys, pens, etc. to a minimum.

Do: Know the club rules and your favourite dancer rules.

Don’t: Do anything I wouldn’t do and if you do, don’t get caught.

Do: Count the songs while getting a lap dance. Or ask her if they go by 30 mins or the hour, which all clubs do and have a fixed price.

Don’t: Assume the dancer will stop if you say nothing. She’ll charge you for extra songs at full price. That’s how they make their money.

Do: When posting a review of a club, give an overall rating.

Don’t: Rate a club strictly on mileage and dancer’s looks. We all have particular tastes. And what I find hot you might not, so remember to keep that in mind.

Things To Know About Montreal Strip Clubs

If you haven’t gone to a Montreal strip club, here are reasons why you should

What is the legal age to get into a strip club?

In Montreal the legal age for drinking and getting into a strip club is +18 years. Not +21 years like in the states.

What are the lap dances like?

In Montreal there are two styles of lap dances, full contact and non contact. Non contact is similar to the lap dances found at many American strip clubs. You aren’t allowed to touch the strippers during the dances. Full contact is where you are allowed and encouraged to touch the dancers during the dances. All Full Contact dances are held in private booths and are only $20 per song.

Is full contact legal?

Yes, full contact dancing is perfectly legal in Montreal.

Are the girls hotter at non contact clubs?

No, in Montreal the strippers do not work for the clubs, they pay an entrance fee and pocket all the money from their dances. Many girls work at both non contact and full contact clubs, therefore one cannot say the girls are hotter at non contact clubs. It’s more making sure you go to the best clubs in Montreal where all the hottest strippers in Montreal work. Because we have a lot of strip clubs but only a few that you actually really want to go to.

Do the dancers expect/demand tips?

They work as freelancers and pocket all the money, so they don’t expect tips. But it’s like when you go out for supper and the waitress gives you really good services you’re going to give her a really good tip? SIM: So if you really enjoyed your time with the dancer she will definitely really be happy and appreciate it if you give her a tip.

What is the legal age to get into a strip club?

In Montreal the legal age for drinking and getting into a strip club is +18 years. Not +21 years like in the states.

Strippers In Montreal

  • You are encouraged to touch the strippers but respectfully guys. Doesn’t mean it’s a free for all and the hands can go just anywhere.
  • Contact Is legal
  • Girls don’t expect tips and its $20/song
  • There won’t be clubs with just ugly chicks
  • legal age for drinking is 18+

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