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Erotic Duo

EROTIC DUO, WHERE YOUR WILD EROTIC 2 GIRLS DUO BECOME A REALITYThe Erotic Duo is our finest service, where fantasy meets reality. Where sensuality combined with erotism will let the audience amazed. Where you’re wild, Erotic girl duo becomes a reality, With the hottest adult entertainment agency in Montreal. Our sexy female strippers are available in private. Where your wild two girls Duo can happen. You have the option of toys or without toys during the show. All you have to do is to book. And it becomes A reality, With the hottest adult entertainment agency in Montreal. Our sexy female strippers are available in private for all shows. All you need to do is pick one!

Fetish Fantasy

Fetish Fantasy, services offered by Strippers in Montreal, the hottest adult entertainment Agency, Let loose and let go, Turn your fantasy into A reality, Whatever it may be! Special requests for fetish parties & events in Montreal. With the #1 hottest adult entertainment agency in Montreal for bachelor parties, private parties & events in Montreal.

Champagne Shower

Champagne Shower, Champagne has never tasted so good until now, Let us wash you up, with our sexy champagne shower show, Watch some dirty sexy strippers poor Champagne down their bodies and all over one another during their show. Giving people body shots, then after their show, watch the dirty girls while they take a shower to clean each other up.

Whip Cream Dream

Whip Cream Has Never Tasted So Sweet, You Will Definitely Remember This Treat In Your Dreams For a Long Time.

Sexy Waitress

Sexy Waitress, Strippers in Montreal Sexy Waitresses Make It Hot And Sexy! Getting Your Party Going that You And Your Guests Won't Want It To End! Maybe Feel like pre-drinks or staying in tonight? Or are you having your private party? We got you covered. We Bring you Sexy topless strippers that will come over to Make you and the boys drinks. They can even get in some lap dances if anyone feels like it! Shit?!? Why not!! Can't get better than that, right? From $1,000.00 - $1,400.00 Price Includes 2girl for 2 Hours

Hot poker

Hot poker, We Make It Hot So Don't Just Fold Yet, Let Us Take Care Of You... Come Play With Us! Want to organize a boy's night? Get our hot poker dealer and sexy waitress to make it that much better, hot poker, or maybe strip poker? Our sexy ladies don't like to lose, so be careful. Looser's leave in their birthday suits. So don't just fold yet! Come and play with us!

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