Best Strip Clubs in Montreal 2020

Strip Club list 2020

What to expect at the strip clubs when you book with Strippers in Montreal

  • You’re escorted directly into the best full-contact strip clubs.
  • Never pay cover or have to tip any of the bouncers.
  • Be introduced to all the best strippers in Montreal.
  • We set you up with the best tables in the club(s).
  • Set you up with bottle/champagne service.

With our connections, you and your buddies basically will receive the VIP status.

Why are Montreal strip clubs so popular?

Quebec is hands down the horniest province in Canada. As you read this sentence, somebody somewhere in Montréal is having the most mind-blowing orgasm ever.

Not to mention that most, if not all strip clubs allow FULL contact.

Montreal is famous for its strip clubs.

No trip to Montreal is complete, without a visit to at least one strip club. Especially when on a bachelor party. We give you the inside scoop of what to expect as well as introduce you to all the right girls.

Some of the biggest differences at the Montreal strip clubs:

Champagne/VIP rooms:

There are no VIP rooms or champagne rooms in Montreal. The clubs do have VIP sections which consist of couches in the main room of the club. The VIP’s are more comfortable and do attract attention.

Going home with a Stripper:

We know why you’d think it would be a good idea to try to bring home a stripper. However, you’d wind up spending less on professional escorts. However if you insist, the best advice is to not be too pushy, spend money on drinks and dances, and when it comes to drugs you can never have too much variety.

Lap Dances:

A girl’s stage dance is usually a good indication of how they’ll perform in private, but not always.

How to ask for a Dance:

Some dancers will wander around the club and will approach you. But if you see one you like hanging around just go over and ask her if she’s free to dance for you. Girls: It depends really on the night. If you don’t see anything at first, be patient, wait a few songs and a nice one will come out of the private booths.

List of best Strip Clubs in Montreal 2020

Strippers in Montreal works with every major strip club in Montreal, So we’ve compiled a list of some of the top strip clubs in Montreal.


One of Montreal’s hidden gems, tucked behind bustling Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Kamasutra is very small yet cozy. Small Venue. Cheap shots. Lounge like atmosphere.

  • Evenings only
  • Contact Lap Dances – 15$ per song
  • $4 shots
  • Lesbian show in VIP Booth – 20$ per girl per song. (40$ total a song)
  • 3580 St Dominique St.
  • Montreal, QC H2X 2X4
  • Canada

Chez Paree

The Bouncers still famously wear their tuxedos every night as well as the waitresses and staff. They are one of Montreal’s most famous strip clubs but would definitely say it’s time they change their hole tuxedos concept it’s actually getting kind of old like it’s staff and would be more appealing to the eyes if the waitresses would be wearing a sexy classy dress instead of a tuxedos as well . They offer a buffet during any day the Montreal Canadiens play.

  • Entrance to the lap dance booths – 5$ each time you venture to the back.
  • Contact Lap Dances – 15$ per song
  • Non-Contact Lap dances – 10$ per song
  • Monday-Saturday open during the day (3pm)
  • 1258 Stanley Street
  • Montreal, QC H3B2S7
  • Canada

Club Wanda’s

Wanda’s is also an institution in Montreal. They haven’t quite fully adapted with the times as they just started to offer contact dances. They are located in a three-floor complex with a huge rooftop terrace right off of Crescent Street. They have an in-house restaurant on the second floor.

  • Table Dance – 10$per song.
  • Contact dances- 15$ per song
  • Restaurant / Outdoor Patio
  • 1310 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O
  • Montreal, QC H3B2S7
  • Canada

Cabaret Kingdom

One of Montreal’s newer strip clubs located lower Saint-Laurent. The decor inside is gaudy, but classy with a good ambiance with big red leather couches, a huge tree inside with red lights in it, and lion heads strewn about the place. It’s extremely unique and nothing like the other clubs in Montreal. It’s now honestly the nicest club in Montreal. And never will you be disappointed with the selection of girls working there and on any night

  • Contact Lap Dances – 15$ per song
  • Fully Nude Lap Dances – 20$ per song
  • 1417 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
  • Montreal, QC H2X 2S8
  • Canada

Club Downtown / Club Grand Prix

These two strip clubs are located next to each other on the Saint-Catherine strip in the heart of downtown Montreal. You’ll be cat called by one of the doorman to come on inside. Cheap lap dances.

  • Contact Lap Dances – 10$ and 15$ per song
  • 1196 Sainte-Catherine West
  • Montreal, QC H3B 1K1
  • Canada

Cabaret Les Amazones

Outside of the downtown core. They serve food, and it’s not bad at all. You can also watch all of your favorite PPV events there. It has a little bit of everything except for a convenient location.

  • $10 lap dances
  • $15 contact lap dances
  • 6820 Rue Saint-Jacques
  • Montréal, QC H4B 1V8
  • Canada

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